02 April 2020

civil rights - Idaho’s New Anti-Transgender Laws Are a Trans Day of Visibility Disgrace

Lucy Diavolo
Teen Vogue

Transgender Day Of Visibility

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Mississippi - Mississippi lawmakers considering transgender athlete policy

Courtney Ann Jackson

Picayune, MS

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lead story - City councilman praises Idaho transgender legislation, calls Yakima Pride leader "an idiot"

Lex Talamo
Yakima Herald-Republic

Yakima, WA

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ezs note:  Y'know, Jason White is right.  No matter how knuckle-dragging, moronic, airheaded views he has, he does have the right to express them.  However, YOU have the right to send his ass packing come Election Day.  Organize! 

Donald Trump - Trump campaign sends letter to Sessions demanding he stop invoking Trump

Kaitlan Collins, Sarah Westwood

The White House, hard at work

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More Covid-19 (coronavirus) information


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ezs note:  Here is a more thorough information on COVID-19 (coronavirus)  You can find it here

In case you find yourself a little too relaxed, just remember that COVID-19 was found in my apartment building!!!  Be safe. 

As always, please feel free to distribute this information widely.  WHO and CDC are working triple-time to give you the latest, so it only makes sense to take of it.