28 October 2019

California - California poll workers to receive training on how to assist transgender, gender non-conforming voters

Muri Assunção
Daily News

Mission San Diego de Alcala (1848)
San Diego, CA

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lead story - AHA News: How Does Hormone Therapy Affect Heart Health in Transgender People?

US News & World Report

human heart

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Donald Trump - Democrats moving toward next phase of impeachment inquiry with key vote

Jeremy Herb, Lauren Fox, Manu Raju, Kaitlan Collins, Pamela Brown

ezs note: In case you've been nodding off, this is the second revolution.  There are a few Democrats who are a bit wishy-washy; all of the Democrats and many of the Republicans know Trump is evil incarnate, but that doesn't mean she/he will vote that way.  Put his/her feet to the fire and make them vote their consciences.

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