20 February 2020

How to vote!

ezs note:  This is a handy-dandy little blog where you can register to vote!  It's called vote.orgJust press the button, and soon you'll be on your way!  After you're done, please let me know at thoreaugreen@gmail.com.  Just do a quickie, 'I'm gonna vote!'  Thanks.

Pakistan - In a first: Transgender woman represents Pakistan at UN

The Express-Tribune

United Nations

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ezs note:  Wow!  Congratulations, Aisha! 

civil rights - Letters To The Editor (transgender rights)

New York - The Walking While Trans Ban Is ‘Stop and Frisk 2.0’

Karina Piser
The Nation.

Riverside Church
New York City, NY (Manhattan)

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lead story - Bloomberg referred to transgender people as 'some guy wearing a dress' in 2019 remarks

Paul LeBlanc

Uh, goodbye Mike...

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Donald Trump - Roger Stone Is Sentenced to Over 3 Years in Prison

Sharon LaFraniere
The New York Times

E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse
Washington DC

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