19 August 2018

Donald Trump - This mafia style of government makes Trump a role model for all autocrats

Jonathan Freedland
The Guardian

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Georgia (country) - 'No Consideration': Death Of Transgender Woman In Georgia Prompts Health-Care Outcry From Activists

Ron Synovitz

Botanic Gardens of Tblisi

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civil rights - Courts order Trump to reveal internal talks on military's transgender policy

Travis J. Tritten
Washington Examiner

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ezs note:  Yeah, the Washington Examiner tends to be a wee bit conservative.  (cue the violins)  But I did feel that this was important.  Go Judge Copperthite!

Ohio - Ohio Transgender Musical Act DreamStates Issues Statement on New "Religious Liberty Task Force"

Mike Breen

Akron, OH

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lead story - ‘I Don’t Feel Safe Living Here.’ After Threats From Parents, a Transgender Girl's Family Is Moving. Again.

Katie Reilly

Visit lovely Achille, OK!

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