15 March 2016

Bathroom argument purveys LGBT civil rights issue

Devin Zimmerman

Kokomo, Indiana

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Edmonton Catholic school board to vote on 'meaningless' inclusiveness policy, critics say (Canada)

Janet French
Edmonton Journal

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House Speaker trying to lock-down votes for transgender bill

Tiffany Chan

Credit:  https://termlimits.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Power-DeLeo3822.jpg

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ezs note:  Neighbors to the north - you can do your part by calling your state representative and senator and telling them that they should vote YES on this worthy bill.  Thanks!

'Southern Comfort' a new Off-Broadway musical about transgender friends

Joe Dziemianowicz
New York Daily News

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Los Angeles Now Has A Council To Advise The City On Transgender Issues

Juliet Bennett Rylah

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