20 November 2013


Today is International Transgender Day of Remembrance in North America.(November 20).  Below is a video which lists the 239 known murders of transgender people.  Unfortunately the actual number is far higher.  Below that is a listing  of places where you can find out where services are being held  If you cannot reach the sites where services are being held, please play the video at home.  In my opinion, it is quite moving.


Teaneck, New Jersey
(November 23)

Wichita, Kansas
(November 23)

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Kingston, Ontario

Fairfax, Virginia

Fargo, North Dakota/Moorhead, Minnesota
Joliet, Illinois

Albany, New York

Delaware County, Pennsylvania

Portland, Maine

London, Ontario, Canada

Kansas City, Missouri

Brighton, England
(November 24)

Denton, Texas

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Boise, Idaho

Croydon, United Kingdom

Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

Richmond, Virginia

Baltimore, Maryland

Las Vegas, Nevada
(November 22nd)


Beaufort, South Carolina

Cincinnati, Ohio

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
(November 22),

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
(November 22)

Tucson, Arizona

Nijmegen, the Netherlands
(November 23rd)

Denver, Colorado

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada  

London, United Kingdom
(November 22th)

Evansville, Indiana
(November 23th))

Oneonta, New York

St. Louis, Missouri

Providence, Rhode Island 
(November 21st)

Lexington, Kentucky 
(November 22nd)

Nashville, Tennessee

Chestertown, Maryland

Amarillo, Texas
(November 21st)

Tri-Cities, Tennessee (Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol)
(November 21st)

Portland, Oregon

Raleigh, North Carolina

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Durham, New Hampshire

San Antonio, Texas
(November 21st)

Detroit, Michigan
(November 22nd)

Cleveland, Ohio
(November 22nd)

Seattle, Washington

Santa Barbara, California

Fresno, California

San Diego, California

Eugene, Oregon

Westport, Connecticut

Grand Rapids, Michigan
(November 22)

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Seaside, California

Berkeley, California

Tallahassee, Florida

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Prescott, Arizona

London, United Kingdom

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Olympia, Washington

Portland, Oregon
(November 24)

London, United Kingdom

South Bend, Indiana

Hilo, Hawai’i

Binghamton, New York

Chicago, Illinois

Rockford, Illinois

Memphis, Tennessee

Rochester, New York

New York, New York

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Chico, California

Hartford, Connecticut

Manchester, United Kingdom
(November 24th)

Columbus, Indiana
(November 23th)

Austin, Texas

Lawrence, Kansas

Rocklin, California

Knoxville, Tennessee

Omaha, Nebraska

Jacksonville, Florida

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
(November 21st)

New Orleans, Louisiana

Houston, Texas

Cincinnati, Ohio

St John’s, NL, Canada

Columbus, Ohio

Houston, Texas
(November 23rd)

Fort Worth, Texas

Strasbourg, France
(November 23rd)

Saskatchewan, Canada (Regina)

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Plymouth, New Hampshire)

Winona, Minnesota

San Francisco, California

Gloucester, United Kingdom
( November 26th)

St. Peter, Minnesota

Chattanooga, Tennessee

Gainesville, Florida
(November 21st)

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho
(November 21st)

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois(2)

Asheville, North Carolina

Washington D.C., USA

Chicago, Illinois(3)

New South Wales, Australia(Sydney)
(November 22th, 2013)

DeLand, Florida

Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

Portland, Oregon

Fort Collins, Colorado

Syracuse, New York

Quezon City, Philippines
November 24th
(check to see if still on due to typhoon)

Palm Desert, California

Highland Park, New Jersey
(November 24th)

Huntington, West Virginia


Clearwater, Florida

White Plains, New York
(November 23rd)

Seattle, Washington

Sonara, California

Orlando, Florida

New York City, New York

Bend, Oregon

Rocklin, California
(November 23rd)

Hamilton, New Zealand
November 24rd

Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Long Beach, California

Dahlonega, Georgia

Unless indicated otherwise, all dates are November 20.  If you see a site you may be interested in, go to www.transgenderdor.org.  Thanks.