11 October 2018

Donald Trump - The 45 strangest lines from Donald Trump's wild, 46-minute 'Fox and Friends' interview

Chris Cillizza

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Azerbaijan - Azerbaijan: Parents recount struggles to gain acceptance for LGBT children

Duma Safarova

Baku, Azerbaijan

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civil rights - Indiana Senate race: Braun, Donnelly differ on line between religious freedom, LGBT rights

Chris Sikich

Granger, IN

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Idaho - Boise and Pocatello Rank High, Other Idaho Cities Not So Much, in 'Municipal Equality Index'

George Prentice
Boise Weekly

Boise, ID

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lead story - Transgender at 11: ‘I. Am. A. Boy. That’s it.’

Petula Dvorak
The Washington Post

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VIDEO - Matt Baume - Join us for a Week of Games Starting October 28!

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