30 September 2019

South Dakota - The Oglala Sioux Tribe Passes Hate Crime Law Protecting its LGBTQ Citizens

Mary Annette Pember
Daily Yonder

Pine Ridge, SD

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lead story - Man charged in 'horrendous' attack on victim activists say is transgender

Brooke Sopelsa
NBC News

Jacksonville, FL

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29 September 2019

civil rights - Activists Call For Protections, Policy Changes At First National Trans Visibility March In D.C.

Dominique Maria Bonessi

Washington DC  (1963) 

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Oregon - Transgender Discrimination

Camilla Mortensen
Eugene Weekly

Eugene, OR

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lead story - Transgender woman from Pakistan finds peace in Germany

Esther Felden
Deutsche Welle

Cologne, Germany

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Donald Trump - Trump-Supporting Lawyers diGenova and Toensing Teamed Up With Giuliani to Dig Up Ukraine Dirt on Biden: Report

Justin Baragona, Scott Bixby
Daily Beast

ezs note: dirt, as found in the White House

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28 September 2019

Iceland/US - Iceland's president wears rainbow bracelet during Pence visit, apparently to show support for LGBT

Bailey Vogt
The Washington Times

ezs note:  Yes... apparently so!

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civil rights - Person of Interest Is Named in Killing of Transgender Woman in Florida

Mihir Zaveri
The New York Times

Clewiston, FL

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Louisiana - Opinion: Gay Panic Defenses must be banned in Louisiana

Brendan Heffernan
The Maroon

New Orleans, LA

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lead story - A viral fake news story linked trans health care to 'thousands' of deaths

Tim Fitzsimons
NBC News

"War Of The Worlds" hoax (1938)

ezs note:  Ahem, if you haven't figured it out by now, LifeSiteNews is a HOAX.

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Donald Trump - Trump blasts 'savages' — Ocasio-Cortez, three other women of color, Schiff, Nadler

Phil McCausland
NBC News

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27 September 2019

Guatemala - Guatemala’s First Gay Congressman Fears for His Life Amid Death Threats

Jeff Taylor

Guatemala City, Guatemala

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civil rights - The Human Rights Campaign Joins Thousands of Advocates and Allies at National Trans Visibility March

Matilda Young

Emily's virtual rocket · Post

 Posting as Emily Shorette    

Human Rights Campaign

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Hawaii - Tulsi Gabbard Rejects Claim Her LGBTQ Commitment Is 'Skin-Deep'

Daniel Reynolds
The Advocate

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI)

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lead story - A Man Has Been Arrested After Another Transgender Woman Was Shot In Dallas

Donald Trump - White House Knew of Whistle-Blower’s Allegations Soon After Trump’s Call With Ukraine Leader

Julian E. Barnes, Michael S. Schmidt, Adam Goldman, Katie Benner
The New York Times

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25 September 2019

Ecuador - Why Is This Happening? Receiving asylum, and helping today's asylum seekers with Luis Mancheno: podcast and transcript

Chris Hayes

Quito, Ecuador
The 1700s, CE

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civil rights - At Emmys, Laverne Cox shines spotlight on LGBTQ Supreme Court cases

Brooke Sopelsa
NBC News

Hollywood, CA
(part of Los Angeles)

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California - California adds an 11th state to its travel ban. No taxpayer-funded trips to Iowa

Wes Venteicher
The Tribune

Sacramento, CA
etching in 1849

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lead story - Transgender man loses court battle to be registered as father

Robert Booth
The Guardian

Kent, UK
earliest inscription 871-899 CE
Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

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Donald Trump - Read Trump's phone conversation with Volodymyr Zelensky

23 September 2019

Czech Republic - Czech activist organization champions transgender rights in Prague

Tennessee Journalist

Prague, Czech Republic

Credit:  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/34/CZ-Prag-hrad-koenigsp-kronjuw.jpg

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civil rights - Patricia Arquette Honors Late Sister Alexis In Powerful Emmys Plea For Transgender Rights

Curtis M. Wong

Patricia Arquettte

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ezs note:  Damn skippy, Patricia.  Thank you. 

Iowa - Transgender student shares their experience at Iowa State

Victoria Reyna-Rodriguez
Iowa State Daily

Ames, IA

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lead story - Transgender woman shot in apparent hate crime in Dallas

Erin Donaghue
CBS News

Dallas, TX

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Donald Trump - Donald Trump vs. the United States of America

David Leonhardt
The New York Times

ezs note:  243 years later, we have 'King' Donald.
Impeach him, then throw 'em in jail.

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