16 February 2020

Hungary - Gays in Hungary facing increased government hostility, rights group says

NBC News

Budapest, Hungary

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civil rights - Black History Month: 17 LGBTQ black pioneers who made history

Gwen Aviles, Ariel Jao
NBC News

US Rep. Barbara Jordan (D-TX)

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Vermont - Letters to the Editor (TERF battle)

Christian Herrick
Seven Days Vermont

South Burlington, VT

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ezs note:  There is also a letter to the editor presenting the opposite view.

lead story - Teen Beats Transgender Competitor Amid Sports Participation Lawsuit

NBC News

Canton, CT

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ezs note: Normally, I don't like to stay in one state very much, but this is too rich!  Canton's Chelsea Mitchell beat out everyone - including Terry Miller, a transgender athlete.  Ironically, this win put the kibosh on Alliance Defending Freedom.  Uh, nice try, ADF!

This should put the lie to the nonsense ADF peddles. 

Donald Trump - Former Justice Dept. Lawyers Press for Barr to Step Down

Katie Benner
The New York Times

Department of Justice
Washington DC

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