07 June 2018

The National Popular Vote

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ezs note:  Recently, I picked up one of the cards Andy Fleischmann distributes to the part of the town he represents.  Normally, I find that these are a waste of time - but not this time.  He passed a compact for a National Popular Vote (HB 5421 in Connecticut) What this means, essentially, is that Connecticut - and all the other states that agree to the compact - is they will pledge to vote for the popular vote nationwide, thereby eliminating this asinine Electoral College.  I am happy to report that the State Senate passed it, and it was signed by Gov. Dannel Malloy.  If your state hasn't signed this good bill yet, call your State Representative and State Senator to urge a YES vote for the National Popular Vote compact.  Thanks.

Donald Trump - Voters really, really want a check on Trump. This new poll confirms it.

Greg Sargent
The Washington Post

the big blue wave?

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Hungary - Hungary greenlights first-time features through Incubator Program (exclusive)

Geoffrey MacNab

King Saint Stephen (975-1038)

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civil rights - Civil rights rally for transgender community June 23 in SF

David L. Shaw
Finger Lakes Times

Keuka Lake

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Vermont - Green Mountain State again leads way on LGBTQ rights

David Jordan

Vermont State House

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lead story - Pure Romance CEO, gay rights leader unveil study that shows transgender teens in peril

Sharon Coolidge

Glacier au dessus de Saas-Fee

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