15 July 2018

Winthrop, Washington

Maj. Theodore Woolsey Winthrop

estimated transgender population:   2*
(rounded down)

Credit:  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/23/Theodore_Winthrop.jpg

ezs note:  So, this town needed a name.  In my opinion, they could not have picked a better one -  Winthrop, Washington.  You see, they named it after Maj. Theodore Woolsey Winthrop, Yale graduate and an ardent abolitionist.  When the Civil War broke out, he (of course) volunteered.  Sadly, he was killed early.  Winthrop was named after him - and the rest of us thank him.

Donald Trump - Trump calls the European Union a 'foe' of the United States

Maegan Vazquez

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ezs note:  Oh, yeah, Liechtenstein's gonna invade us any minute.  We better watch out.
(Yet once more, what a complete asshole...)   

Switzerland - Swiss court jails Thai woman in human trafficking case: report

The Local

Bern, Switzerland

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civil rights - GOP-backed FY 2019 budget amendment aims to block adoptions by LGBTQ couples, punish pro-LGBTQ states

Geraldine Estevez
Desert Sun

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ezs note:  Please remember that if your legislator insists on voting against you, all you have to do is vote his/her ass out of office.  Remember this on Election Day (November 6).  Oh, and call your friends and urge them to vote likewise!

Utah - Utah Will Reintroduce Bill Making It Easier For Trans People to Update Birth Certificates

Nico Lang

Salt Lake City, UT

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lead story - India appoints its third transgender judge in Assam


Madan Kamdev ruins, Assam

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VIDEO - Robert Reich: The Fog of Trump

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