30 July 2012

Let your voice be heard!

Another time for your voice to be heard!  The following are people who are represented in the location where you live.  If you don't e-write strongly for people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender... who will?

Lincoln, Arkansas - Steve Womack(R) - 3rd AR
Papillion, Nebraska - Lee Terry(R) - 2nd NE
Buffalo, New York - Louise Slaughter(D) - 28th NY
Aurora, Colorado - Ed Perlmutter(D) - 7th CO
Mountain View - Anna Eshoo(D)  - 14th CA
East Hampton - Tim Bishop - 1st NY
Muskogee, Oklahoma -  Dan Boren(D) - 2nd OK
Huntington Beach - Dana Rohrabacher (R) - 46th CA
Albany, New York - Paul Tonko(D) - 21st NY
Tomball, Texas - Michael McCaul - 10th TX
(three total below)
Arlington Heights - Peter Roskam(R) - 6th IL
     "     - Joe Walsh(R) - 8th IL
     "     - Robert Dold(R) - 10th IL

(four total below)
Baltimore, Maryland - Andy Harris(R) - 1st MD
     "     - Dutch Ruppersberger(D) - 2nd MD
     "     - John Sarbanes(D) - 3rd MD
     "     - Elijah Cummings(D) - 7th

(three total below)
Cincinnati, Ohio - Steve Chabot(R) -- 1st OH
    '     - Jean Schmidt(R) - 2nd OH
     "     - John Boehner(R) - 8th OH

Vancouver Pride Week 2012: Trans role model Jenna Talackova wants to fight for the environment (http://www.straight.com)

'It was an act of defiance that made African-American citizen Rosa Parks a civil-rights hero for refusing to give up her seat for a white passenger...'*more here*

27 July 2012

Jimmy Swaggart, liar

Credit: AOL

Normally, I'm pretty calm. But when I encounter a blithering, sanctimonious idiot like Jimmy Swaggart, my skin starts to grate.  And, no, it doesn't have anything to him being caught with a prostitute (uh... twice).  I don't know Swaggart personally.  For all I do know, his apology to his wife could have been genuine.  What happens between the two of them is their business, and I sincerely mean that.

However, when a man picks up a prostitute twice that we know of, yet has the gall, the absolute, unmitigated gall, to talk of killing even the most loving, faithful, loyal gays, lesbians, and transgender people that you would have a chance of meeting - that's Jimmy Swaggart.

That's not a typo.  He doesn't think we should be fenced.  He doesn't think we should be imprisoned.  He thinks we should be killed.

I know that many of you love Jesus.  I know that there are many pastors, priests and chaplains - conservative, liberal, or every shade in between - who study the Bible diligently.  But there are those who are quacks.  His name is Jimmy Swaggart.

'Toxic tush' transgender nurse Oneal Ron Morris faces manslaughter charge after Shatarka Nuby dies from Fix-a-Flat injection (http://www.nydailynews.com)

*more here*

Please... do not trust a dime to these fraudulent scumbags!!!

Mich. LGBT leaders launching 100-day hunger strike (http://wwmt.com)

Alaska Lt. Governor Files Regulation For Changing Driver’s Licenses (http://www.enewspf.com)

26 July 2012

Sacramento, California

Credit: Mex Whittaker/ Getty Images
This should do the trick!  Here's what's happening... Sacramento, California... Mountain View, California... London, England, UK... East Hampton, New York... Oslo, Norway... Ambala, Haryana, India... Zwolle, Overijssel, Netherlands... Ridgewood, New Jersey... Needham, Massachusetts... Waukesha, Wisconsin... Cleveland, Ohio...  Latham, New York...  Liverpool, New South Wales, Australia... Omaha, Nebraska... Victoria, British Columbia, Canada... Izhevsk, Udmurt, Russia... Seattle, Washington... Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... Alt Duvenstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany... Muskogee, Oklahoma... Houston, Texas... Toronto, Ontario, Canada... Cebu, Cebu City, Philippines... Tampa, Florida... Yuma, Arizona... Woburn, Massachusetts...

It's no trick to help others!

American Red Cross

International Red Cross/Red Crescent

Doctors Without Borders

Rainbow Fund

New Latina Transgender Organization Already Subject To Death Threats (http://wamu.org)

23 July 2012

more to write to...

This is the second installment of Congresspeople to e-write to.  Please - it only takes a few moments to gain full recognition for lesbian, gay, bisexual,  and transgender people.

If you live in a very large city, such as Houston, Dallas, or  Brooklyn, your best bet is to call city hall and give your exact street address; major (and some minor) streets are split apart.
Muskogee, Oklahoma - Dan Boren (R) - 2nd OK
Omaha, Nebraska - Lee Terry (R) - 2nd NE
Seattle, Washington - Jim McDermott (D) - 7th WA
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Mike Doyle (D) - 14th PA
Tampa, Florida - Kathy Castor (R) - 11th FL
Yuma, Arizona - Raul Grijalva (D) - 7th AZ

(9 districts below)
Houston, Texas - Kevin Brady(R) - 6th TX
     "     - John Culberson (R) - 7th TX
     "     - Al Green (D) - 9th TX
     "     - Gene Green (D) 29th TX
     "     - Sheila Jackson Lee (D) - 18th TX
     "     - Michael McCaul (R) - 10th TX
     "     - Pete Olson (R) - 22nd TX
     "     - Ron Paul (R) - 14th TX
     "     - Ted Poe (R) - 2nd TX

Mountain View, California - Anna Eshoo(D) - 14th CA
Woburn, Massachusetts - Ed Markey(D) - 7th MA
East Hampton, New York - Tim Bishop(D) - 1st NY
Council Bluffs, Iowa - Steve King(R) - 5th IA
(6 districts below)
Dallas, Texas - Sam Johnson(R) -  3rd TX
     "     - Ralph Hall(R) - 4th TX
     "     - Jeb Hensarling(R) - 5th TX
     "     - Kenny Marchant(R) - 24th TX
     "     -Eddie Bernice Johnson(D) - 30th TX
     "     - Pete Sessions(R) - 32nd TX

(6  districts below)
Brooklyn, New York - Ed Towns (D) - 10th NY
     '     - Yvette Clark (D) - 11th NY
     "     - Nydia Velazquez (D) - 12th NY
     '     - Robert Turner (R) - 9th NY
     "     - Jerry Nadler (D) - 8th NY
     "     -  Michael Grimm (R) - 7th NY

Richmond, Virginia - Robert Hurt (R) - 5th VA

17 July 2012

Why we should all send e-mail/snailmail to our legislators

It's summer.  It's hot.  Damn hot. But I take it you're reading Emily's Virtual Rocket, so really, there's no excuse.  Whether your legislator is Democratic or Republican, I need you to keep the pressure on. I need you to make marriage legal, whether gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. I need you to put pressure on them to get their faces to a GLBT pride parade and speak. And if some yahoos give you a hard time, pressure them to get the police off their asses.

In other words, we deserve to be treated like fucking human beings!!!

In this new blog, I will list members of the House of Representatives on a semi-random basis.  Please, e-write that member in a polite but FIRM letter.  If you have a specific example, so much the better.

Mountain View, California - Anna Eshoo(D) - 14th CA
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Gwen Moore(D) - 4th WI
Atlanta, Georgia - John Lewis(D)/David Scott(D) - 5th-/13th GA
Morgan Hill, California -  Jerry McInerny(D) - 11th CA
Cleveland, Ohio - Dennis Kucinich(D)/Marcia Fudge(D) - 10th/11th OH
Saint Louis, Missouri - Lacy Clay(D)/Mel Carnahan(D) - 1st/3rd MO
Simi Valley, California - Elton Gallegy(R) - 24th CA
Windsor, California - Mike Thompson(D) - 1st CA
Wilmette, Illinois - Jan Schakowsky (D) - 9th IL
Tupelo, Mississippi - Alan Nunnelee (R) 1st MS

Thanks in advance.

San Diego Celebrates LGBT Pride (http://www.nbcsandiego.com)

08 July 2012


Over the hump!  Here's what's happening... Mountain View, California...  Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico... Southampton, England, UK... Council Bluffs, Iowa... East Hampton, New York... Overland Park, Kansas... Lake Villa, Illinois... Bruceville, Indiana... Livingston, New Jersey... Deal, Kent, England, UK... Beverly Hills, Florida... Ubbergen, Gelderland, Netherlands... San Antonio, Texas... Naperville, Illinois... Marietta, Georgia... Whitley Bay, Northumberland, England, UK... Fayetteville, Arkansas... Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa... Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria.. Washington, District of Columbia... Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands... Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania... Las Vegas, Nevada... Pinckney, Michigan...

05 July 2012

Happy 4th of July! (well, a day late)

credit:  Kenneth Walsh

Before I get too patriotic, let me be abundantly clear: the state of the union is not  good.  It is not, nor will it ever be until the rights of all fifty states have the right to marry in an equal fashion, be they lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or heterosexual.  That's just one example, but the most important one, in my opinion.  Pardon me, but if you're not working your butt off for this, YOU'RE NOT DOING YOUR F*****G JOB.

However, let's consider what's happened over the long haul.  In 1963, the year of my birth, you could not be married (or even civil-unioned) in any state.  You want to adopt a child?  That's a laugh.  In most states, you were considered a "deviant".  Yeah, just the same as a child molester or a rapist.  Does it matter that the person you love is of proper age and loves  you the same?  Nope- you're a "deviant".

The first changes were at a conference of the American Psychological Association.  Rather than hoping against hope that these people were somehow made 'normal', these brave psychologists said that these were not 'deviant'; they are just as normal as any person you may meet on the street.  
(well, I hope they are...)  The states lagged behind on this - some as late as 2003 - but eventually, all states were forced to provide minimal equal rights to LGBT  citizens.

However, the best news of all is that a number of states - Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, 
Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa and Washington DC - allow full marriage, whether heterosexual or

There are European countries that are doing better than us, no doubt.  We must do better.  However, there are some countries that murder LGBT folks, and feel no guilt over it.  Excuse me, but if it's a choice between the United States - with all its faults and foibles - and a country such as Iran, I think I'll choose the United States, thank you.

To all the friends in the United States, I hope you had a wonderful holiday yesterday.  But now get to work, you jarhead!