12 November 2019

SPECIAL - review of Maomarimo

When I first chose to pick Maomarimo, I was rather puzzled when Mangahere chose to put up a warning sign about proceeding any further.   The editors of manga were, let's say,  a bit quirky.  When I read chapter nine, however, I found out exactly what they were warning me about.  And it was truly disgusting.  

I'm not trying to be a prissy.  However, when Horikita Aoi carefully masters an art over eight chapters, only to have it flushed down the toilet, it really is disgusting.

If you want shits n' giggles, hey, have at it.  However, when you seek a thoughtful examination of transgender life, you can do better.

Far better.

civil rights - Latinos and transgender people see big increases in hate crimes, FBI reports

Jaweed Kaleem
Los Angeles Times


please press:  www.latimes.com

Georgia - Georgia Republican wants to make helping transgender children a felony

John Riley

Powder Springs, GA

please press:  www.metroweekly.com

ezs note:  Ahem... Ginny Ehrhart (R - Powder Springs) MUST go.  To the residents of Powder Springs, and of Georgia in general. this is your moment.  Get together, organize, volunteer, and, if the time is right, throw your hat into the ring.  I can't stand this woman.  She must be thrown out of office.

lead story - What the battle over a 7-year-old trans girl could mean for families nationwide

Katelyn Burns

Coppell, TX

please press:  www.vox.com

ezs note:  I was reading this article when this wonderful little whopper showed up:

Up until this point, he (Younger) had been allowed to see his kids once a week for two hours and on the first, third, and fifth weekends of each month since 2017, though court testimony indicates he frequently skipped his visitation days.  (emphasis mine)

Yeah, great to see your kids.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
(Thank you, Katelyn)

Donald Trump - Senior Trump official embellished résumé, had face on fake Time cover