08 September 2015

O Canada, my home and native land...

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I may have been placed in the United States, but I love Canada.  Even with a Conservative government, you're still miles ahead of us in championing progressive principles.  Which is why I urge you to get out the vote on October 19, 2015.  You can do it!

Janet Mock On Global Poverty, Beyoncé & Texting Oprah

Ben Reininga

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MSU sorority opens doors to transgender women

Claudette Riley
Springfield News-Leader

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Eddie Redmayne on Transgender Rights and Finding ‘The Danish Girl’

Ramin Setoodeh

Eddie Redmayne

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Law allows transgender people to get updated birth certs (Ireland)

Sarah Bardon
The Irish Times

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School board promises more accepting environment for transgender students and staff (Canada)

Roger Belgrave

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