15 July 2019

Donald Trump - Trump weighs ousting Commerce chief Wilbur Ross after census defeat

Hans Nichols, Kayla Tausche, Hallie Jackson
NBC News

ezs note:  Now, let's not forget Wilbur!  

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Tunisia - Gay lawyer and activist running for President of Tunisia, where being gay is illegal

John Riley
Metro Weekly

Tunis, Tunisia
ruins of Carthage

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civil rights - Military spends more on Viagra than on transgender recruits. So why ban trans?

Benjamin Carlton
Miami Herald

Miami, FL

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Colorado - Colorado's Comedy Community Unites in Mourning Ailis Kennedy

Byron Graham

Fort Collins, CO

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ezs note:  To donate to a worthy cause, or if you need help, go to    Trans Lifeline.  (I know - they helped me through a rough patch)

lead story - 'It's A Career Ender': 2 LGBTQ Former Dell Workers Share Their Stories

Jasmine Garsd

Dell HQ

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