19 August 2017

Transgender Pakistanis Win Legal Victories, but Violence Goes On

Mehreen Zahra-Malik
The New York Times

East Alton,Illinois

transgender average population:  21 (rounded down)*

Credit:  https://livingnewdeal.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/East-Alton-Illinois-Post-Office.jpg

ezs note:  Welcome to East Alton, Illinois!

*notes on statistics - Okay, I'm gonna get a little geeky here.  However, it's important to validate the statistics.  Ashley Smith (whose other claim to fame was a pic taken with the governor) was her claim to have 1 out of 300 people being transgender.  I looked askance at this figure - after all, I'm a stickler for accurate statistics - but they have been verified by The Williams Institute, a UCLA think tank.  Granted, this is only one study, but this is a national survey of some weight.   Therefore, I trust their study.