11 January 2020

Now let me see...

Well, I finally got it right.  After fumbling and farting, I finally found the button!  Now is the right time.  

 I live in a wheelchair, and in a stroke. Therefore, it's difficult to buy clothing with my limited income.  So there are a few promises I would make to you.  If you are generous enough to make a donation,  you have a right to  expect certain obligations:

1- Any outerwear purchased will be discounted.

2-  Any leggings will be purchased at the lowest possible price.

3-  Any perfume will be purchased at the lowest possible price.

4- Any underwear will be purchased at the lowest possible price.

5-  If there is any money left, and I wish to make a donation, I will post it in a blog.

6- Since you are so generous (even a dollar is generous)  I will be sure to thank you.

Donations may be made to the right (encircled 'Donate')  >>>. Thanks.

PS - Regular donations (monthly) are especially appreciated.

Antigua and Barbuda - The region which legislates who you can love

Gemma Hardy
BBC News

St. John's, Antigua and Barbuda (offshore)

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civil rights - WV Symphony welcomes its first transgender guest artist Saturday

Bill Lynch
Charleston Gazette-Mail

Clay Center
Charleston, WV

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Georgia - Social issues will surely play big role in Georgia legislative session

Maya T. Prabhu
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Hartwell, GA

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lead story - For transgender men, pain of menstruation is more than just physical

Chloe Atkins
NBC News

 menstrual pad

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ezs note: Here in Connecticut, both women and transgender men are lucky, in that they don't have to pay tax on these necessary menstrual items.  But far too many do have to pay the tax.  In the large scheme of things, this might not seem too onerous, but for those who are disabled, people who are low wage, or are unemployed, every penny counts!  

Donald Trump - 'Evangelicals for Trump' was an awful display by supposed citizens of the Kingdom of God

John Fea
USA Today

Donald Dipshit

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