16 September 2018

Why your vote matters - now, more than ever

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ezs note:  By now, just about all of the hopeful candidates have been winnowed away for the final vote on November 6.  Many of you are pleased.  But many of you are not pleased.  So, what do we do?  

In virtually every race, I would have said that you should vote your conscience.  Hell, in some races I voted for the Green Party.  I had the luxury of a near-certain win by Barack Obama, but if he lost, I would have grumbled a bit, but life would have gone on.

Not this time. Not with Donald Trump.  Others would have simply been wrongheaded.  Donald Trump is evil, pure evil.  I know, I know, it sounds overly dramatic.  But look at the entries headed over 'Donald Trump'.  Yeah, some of these are 'the usual suspects'.  But George Will? George Conway?  Come on, please.

It's so simple, really.  First, make sure you can vote.  Second, on Election Day, make sure you do vote. 

Let's send this cretin bawling.

Donald Trump - George Conway rips Trump over tweet about Obama's '57 states' gaffe

John Bowden
The Hill

Kellyanne Conway 

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Uganda - Why Uganda hates homosexuality so much that it wants to ban a popular festival

Mildred Europa Taylor
Face 2 Face Africa

Kampala, Uganda

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civil rights - 'A Bully and a Bigot.' Trump Draws Fire From Democrats at Annual LGBT Dinner

Abby Vesoulis

HRC headquarters
Washington DC

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California - Gov. Brown Signs Landmark Bill Ensuring Medical Care, Counseling, Surgery For Transgender Youth In Foster Care

CBS Los Angeles

California State Capitol
Sacramento, CA

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lead story - The Gender Guardian is giving Lahore’s transgender community the skills to pay their bills

Humna Iqbal

Lahore, Pakistan

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VIDEO - Matt Baume - Frasier's Coded Gay References in "The Matchmaker"

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