05 April 2016

Maryland's highest court to hear parental rights law challenge

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Authorities and Family Seek Answers in Hit-and-Run on Transgender Teen

Beth Sherouse

Monterey Park, California

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ezs note:  If you have any information regarding this assault, please call the Monterey Park (California) police at 626-573-1311. Thanks.

Eliza Doolittle Will Transition Into Elijah in Transgender Pygmalion


George Bernard Shaw

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Man Who Killed Transgender Woman in a 'Blind Fury' for 'Fooling' Him Gets 12 Years in Prison

Hillary Crosley Coker

Islan Nettles

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PayPal Cancels Plan for Facility in North Carolina, Citing Transgender Law

Jon Kamp / jon.kamp@wsj.com
The Wall Street Journal

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ezs note:  Lemme see... 50, 000 dollars (est.) times 400 people equals 20,000,000 dollars lost to North Carolina residents... but hey, at least you have your "principles"!  Uh, good luck!