28 May 2016

An Arab-Israeli Catholic Ballerina Just Won Israel's First Transgender Beauty Pageant

Mathew Rodriguez

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Police arrest alleged murderer of transgender activist (Pakistan)

Daily Times

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A look at 'Ma Vie en Rose'

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With all this bathroom hoohah going about, I remembered in particular a Belgian film, 'Ma vie en rose'.  (one of the best, IMHO) It involves the troubles that a transgender girl is having.  There is one scene when Ludovic (Georges du Fresne) takes Jerome (Julien Riviere) to the bathroom to prove that she is, indeed, a girl.  It only lasts a second or two, but a girl passes by them in the bathroom.  Um, a unisex bathroom.

The movie is almost twenty years old.

When, oh when, will the United States learn?  Just askin'...

UNC system takes a stance on controversial bathroom law


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ezs note:  Good for you, UNC!

Burlington, Massachusetts

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