18 March 2020

civil rights - While the country deals with the coronavirus, Idaho state legislators prioritize banning trans athletes

Katelyn Burns

Gov. Brad Little (left)

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ezs note:  Idahoans - If Gov. Little has not made up his mind yet, please call 208-334-2100 or email him at governor@gov.idaho.gov. and urge him to NO to this stupid bill (HB 500). Thanks. 

Tennessee - Transgender kids need support, not state meddling in family decisions | Opinion

Ada Pollock
Leaf Chronicle

Clarksville, TN

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lead story - Breaking Barriers for Transgender Youth

Catherine Spaulding M.D.
AAP News & Journals

Mt. Sinai Hospital
New York City, NY

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Donald Trump - The Putin Files: Michael McFaul (Frontline)

Michael McFaul

ezs note:  This is the second in a series where former Ambassador Michael McFaul is being interviewed by Frontline.