04 October 2017

Rex Tillerson reportedly called Trump a 'moron' — and wanted to resign this summer

Peter Jacobs, Reuters
Business Insider

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ezs note:  Gee, I really am sorry about things, Rex - but we told you what an asshole he is...

Psychiatry experts gather in Tauranga (New Zealand)

Sam Gardner

Tauranga, New Zealand

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ezs note:  It's down a bit (roughly halfway) but when you get there, they do cover transgender issues.   (more than a sentence or two)

The U.N. Floated a Resolution Condemning the Death Penalty for LGBT People. The U.S. Voted "No."

Shane Ryan

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Delaware native, transgender activist McBride penning a memoir with foreword by Biden

David Crary
delaware online

Sarah McBride

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Cambridge University to accept transgender students at women-only college (UK)

May Bulman

Cambridge University (Murray Edwards College)

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