29 September 2017

Betsy DeVos Says She Did Math on Trump’s Tax Plan and It Will Save Nation Eleventy Krillion

Andy Borowitz
The New Yorker

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Israel Proves Rich Pickings in Latest Season of 'Transparent,' Say Critics


Wailing Wall, Israel

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Cornyn has doubts about nominee who said transgender rights were ‘Satan’s plan’

Kevin Diaz
San Antonio Express-News

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)

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Transgender Naval officer’s talk moved to bigger West Texas A&M venue due to increased interest

Robert Stein

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A Place to Call Home

Susan Milligan
US News & World Report

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Thank you, John Nichols!

John Nichols

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ezs note:  A few days ago, I saw John Nichols discussing his new book, "Horsemen Of The Trumpoocalypse".  About halfway through, he mentioned criticizing the Cabinet, not just Trump himself.  Really, it was a simple idea, but one which could chop an idea (!) into pieces, not just lop off the head.  So today I will start with Betsy DeVos, then randomly select other Cabinet members, roughly one day out of six. (In other words, I'll roll the die.)

Once again, thank you, John Nichols!