18 November 2013

Come on in!

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Yes, I really am interested in what you have to say.  Whether yours is a commentary, an important addition which the author left out, or a compliment (I really like those!) ,  you are more than welcome to let your voice be heard.  While complaints - civil complaints - are heard, please bear in mind that a wide variety are open to be heard, and aren't necessarily *my* opinion.  

When you have something to say,  move your arrow until it lines up with "(number of)comments" section.  Click it once, and wait for a box to appear.  This is your dialog box.  Type to your heart's content, prove to the computer that you're not a robot, and you're done!  Yay! 

Transgender Day of Remembrance candlelight memorial on Wednesday


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Nebraska inmate, transgender partner lose lawsuit to marry


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Nepal’s transgenders shut out of voting (Pakistan)


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Warren Beatty, Annette Bening’s Transgender Son Speaks Out for Health Care

 Lesley Messer

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Nicole Gibson, Transgender Model, Walks In Models Of Diversity's Ideal Home Show

James Nichols

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