20 February 2012

Asking for some genuine advice

credit: advicedogmeme.com

Yes, 'tis frustrating.   If you are one of my straight friends, and you are learning how to deal with transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual or questioning people, it can be a hassle.  Especially if your legislator or senator (US or state) dismisses such people as a "lifestyle choice".  Well, these people know a lot, don't they?

The sad truth these people might not know anything, with the exception of raising more money from rich yet airheaded yahoos.  

I'm not saying that you should place an up-or-down vote on one issue, to be sure.  If you are conservative (monetarily), then I wouldn't ask such a thing from you.  What I would ask, however, is something that I do think is very reasonable.  Ask a physician or pediatrician how she/he would handle the situation.  While schools such as Yale, Harvard, or Johns Hopkins are a good choice, schools such as UConn, UMass or University of Florida, etc.,  are good also.  Just be sure the school is accredited.  (Kentucky Fried Chicken and School of Medicine might not be a great choice.  Great chicken though!)

If the legislator/senator differs from what the physician says, ask the legislator/senator WHAT IS YOUR FREAKIN' PROBLEM?!?!  It's not a 'lifestyle', it's their LIFE.

Like I said, you should not cast a ballot on one issue solely.  However, I do suggest that you answer this question:  Do I want my friend, my neighbor, my brother or sister, or my child to live with that kind of garbage?

Hope this helps.  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to e-write.

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ezs note:  where do we get these nuts, anyhow?

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