12 June 2021

archive - Scrapbook #1** - Oct 1962/1970


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This is, without doubt, a plethora of people and places in the transgender world of the sixties and very early seventies.  Don't worry about the 'warning' sign - with the exception of one or two pictures, this ain't anything to worry about.  If you are Wikipedia literate, you would be most helpful in expanding the site. Thank you.

If you have pamphlets, magazines, zines, posters, scrapbooks, paintings, sculptures, art printings, comix or newspaper clippings and wish to download them to a reputable organization, please see digitaltransgenderarchive.net.

Indiana - Indiana church ordains transgender minister

Jeff Brumley

Baptist News Global

Bloomington, IN

please press:  baptistnews.com

lead story - Caring for Transgender Patients: An Evolving Story of Learning and Respect


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York City, NY

please press:  www.mskcc.org

Southern Baptist convention - Racial Tensions Simmer as Southern Baptists Hold Key Meeting

David Carry, Travis Loller, Peter Smith


BH Carroll Memorial Building
Fort Worth, TX

please press:  www.nbcdfw.com