28 June 2017

Thoughts and musings (4)


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Okay, first thing I'd like you to do is read - or reread - the previous blog. (pause) That concludes the homework assignment.  Now we'll discuss.  I know that some of you are groaning when liberals like me are rehashing The Donald ad infinitum.  And yeah, that is me.  However,  I do respect intelligent Republicans and Democrats.   Lately, I've had a whole slew of people - George WillDavid Cay Johnston, and Tony Schwartz  - in my blog list.  They are all Republican.  And they all despise The Donald.

I beg of you, please.  Click www.senate.gov and tell them to say NO to this 'health care' idiocy. Is what we have (ObamaCare) perfect?  Nah. But it's a damn sight better than Donald's Little Nightmare.

- Emily


Abigail Tracy
Vanity Fair

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Transgender 16-year-old daughter of 'Gotham' star Donal Logue still missing (UK)

Chris Spargo
Daily Mail

lower left, Jade Logue
(previously with short hair)

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Legal recognition of transgender people in Turkey: will the court seize the historic opportunity?

Sinem Hun
Open Democracy

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HRC Mourns Ava Le’Ray Barrin, Trans Woman Killed in Georgia

Gabe Murchison

Ava Le’Ray Barrin

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Transgender Nease High School student suing school board over bathroom policy

Brittney Donovan
CBS 47/ FOX 30

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