24 January 2020

Now let me see...

Well, I finally got it right.  After fumbling and farting, I finally found the button!  Now is the right time.  

 I live in a wheelchair, and 

I had a stroke. Therefore, it's difficult to buy clothing with my limited income.  So there are a few promises I would make to you.  If you are generous enough to make a donation,  you have a right to  expect certain obligations:

1- Any outerwear purchased will be discounted.

2-  Any leggings will be purchased at the lowest possible price.

3-  Any perfume will be purchased at the lowest possible price.

4- Any underwear will be purchased at the lowest possible price.

5-  If there is any money left, and I wish to make a donation, I will post it in a blog.

6- Since you are so generous (even a dollar is generous)  I will be sure to thank you.

Donations may be made to the right (encircled 'Donate')  >>>. Thanks.

PS - Regular donations (monthly) are especially appreciated.

Brazil - Brazil issues new rules, lowers age for gender reassignment surgery

Oscar Lopez
Thomson Reuters Foundation

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

please press:  news.trust.org

civil rights - Transgender employee fired for 'bad attitude' can advance discrimination claim

Jennifer Carsen
HR Dive

Elkridge, MD

please press:  www.hrdive.com

ezs note:  You can also read the plaintiff's brief by clicking here.

New York - Transgender minor sues New York State over policy prohibiting birth certificate corrections

lead story - Puberty blockers linked to lower suicide risk for transgender people

Tim Fitzsimons
NBC News

pediatrician examining a newborn

please press:  www.nbcnews.com

ezs note:  There is also an excellent publication by Pediatrics journal, a booklet that is informative and friendly.  You can find it here.

Donald Trump - Impeachment trial, day 4