25 June 2014

When, oh when, will the silliness end?

Credit: www.glasbergen.com

On this day, it happened - twice.  Both Utah and Indiana struck out.  Indiana had its first same-sex marriage a few hours later.  Now, I understand the feelings these attorneys general must have.  (Mind you, I don't agree with them - I just understand them.)  However, when you put your pants on and and head to the office, your priorities change.  In fact, to do your job worthily, they must change.  Otherwise, get a job at a liquor store or something.

This isn't the type of job akin to a knight, mounting his trusty steed and given a lance.  When  court after court disagrees with you (including the Supreme Court) after awhile you just look like a silly nobody rather than a courageous attorney.

You've fought the good fight.  You've said your peace.  But now, the time has really come.  Let us be married.

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