18 January 2019

Donald Trump - ‘Resign Or Be Impeached’: Dems Erupt Over Bombshell Trump Obstruction Report

Ed Mazza


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Indonesia - Vigilante Raid on Indonesian HIV Group

Kyle Knight
Human Rights Watch

Pekanbaru, Indonesia

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civil rights - Womxn’s March Denver: 7 things to know if you are – or aren’t – planning to attend

Oscar Contreras

Denver, CO (Civic Center Park)
approximate location

Credit:  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/b4/Civil_War_Monument_by_Jakob_Otto_Schweizer_%28Denver%29_-_Civic_Center_Park%2C_Denver_-_DSC01235.jpg

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ezs note:  In case you were wondering.  the date is tomorrow (Jan. 19).  If you haven't planned yet, do it now!

Colorado - Colorado to hold CDOC accountable for dangers posed to transgender inmates

Heidi Beedle
Colorado Springs Independent

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lead story - Transgender pronouns provide challenge, opportunity in workplace

Tara Duggan
San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco, CA

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