02 April 2018

Not good enough, Ms. Esty

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ezs note:  Consider the following quote from The Virginian-Pilot:

Up until this week, (Tony) Baker was employed by Sandy Hook Promise in an advocacy role for the gun control group, a job he landed with a favorable recommendation from (Elizabeth) Esty.  (italics mine)

Somehow,  Ms. Esty thinks that this ending of her term will assuage people.  Not this time, Liz, not this time.  You need to get your ass out of there.  NOW.

Donald Trump isn’t Winston Churchill. He’s Neville Chamberlain.

Christian Caryl
The Washington Post

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Iraq - 'The world is changing': Iraqi LGBT group takes campaign to streets

Alex MacDonald
Middle East Eye

Sulemaniyah, Iraq


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civil rights - Transgender people one step closer to equal protection

Linds Jakows

Concord, NH

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Arizona - A year after snub at Pride Parade, Trans Queer Pueblo launches week of action

Maria Poletta

Pueblo, Arizona

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Jennifer Williams Is Transgender, Republican, and Not Giving Up

Samantha Allen
Daily Beast

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