25 March 2017

Donald Trump takes 12th golf trip since becoming President nine weeks ago

Niamh McIntyre
The Independent

Credit:  http://editorialcartoonists.com/cartoons/VarveG/2016/VarveG20160407_low.jpg

ezs note:  To my conservative friends, Donald Trump has wasted 36 million dollars playing golf.  Just a friendly reminder.

Thanks, Donald.  Glad to see you're watching the budget like a hawk.

Supporters gather for Transgender Day of Visibility Rally in downtown Santa Maria

Logan B. Anderson
Lompoc Record

Credit:  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/03/Foxen.jpg/220px-Foxen.jpg

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Tampa Bans 'Ex-Gay' Therapy To Minors

Carlos Santoscoy
On Top

Credit:  http://www.clipartkid.com/images/96/good-job-scraps-graphics-for-facebook-good-job-graphics-scraps-Gqk7FT-clipart.gif

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Faith Leaders Gather to Pray for Justice and Equality for the Transgender Community

Lisbeth Melendez Rivera

Credit:  http://d.christiantoday.com/en/full/47093/keep-calm-its-just-a-toilet-sign.jpg?w=760&h=507&l=50&t=40

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Transgender passengers uneasy about TSA shift on pat-downs

Frederick Kunkle
The Washington Post

Credit:  https://s3.amazonaws.com/lowres.cartoonstock.com/travel-tourism-airport-transport_security_administrations-terrorist_threat-security_guard-airports-mmln42_low.jpg

Redmond, Washington

Redmond, WA

Credit:  http://www.blucorporatehousing.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Redmond-WA-Fully-Furnished-Housing-9-400x300.jpeg

ezs note: Well, back we go to Redmond, Washington!  What will we find this time?