24 February 2018

15 Claims From Donald Trump’s Speech to Conservatives, Fact Checked

Linda Qiu
The New York Times

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South Africa - South Africa: Intersextion - an Exhibition Steeped in Transgender Sex Work

Thabo Twala
allAfrica / the Journalist

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McMaster could leave WH after months of tension with Trump

Barbara Starr, Zachary Cohen, Elise Labott, Kaitlan Collins, Jamie Gangel

H.R. McMaster

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Georgia - Georgia Department of Corrections has first openly transgender employee

Elizabeth Friedly
Georgia Voice

Rogers State Prison, Reidsville, GA

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A Brief Conversation With a Transgender Conservative at CPAC

Osita Nwanevu

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Indio, California

estimated transgender population:  513*
(rounded down)

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ezs note:  Well, this place is too hot for me... (way too hot) ... but for sun lovers, Indio, California may be the place for you to be!