18 September 2014

StageQ Tackles the Transgender Experience in 'Standards of Care'

Film explores lives of transgender youth (Canada)

YOU can do your part!

Credit:  http://www.chrismadden.co.uk

TODAY is the day, ladies and gentlemen.  THE day. Scotland will take one of two paths: They will either form a completely independent state, or stay unified with Great Britain.  It would be roughly akin to New England deciding to separate from the rest of the Union.  Yeah -- it's that big.

Now, with me not having any Scottish blood in me veins, (that I know of) logically, I shouldn't be that interested.  But, shoot, I am!  But what interests me the most is not whether the vote will be yes or no, rather it is the huge mass of people who are determined to vote.  It's estimated that it will be 100 percent!

Now, it might not be exactly 100 percent - a smattering of Scots will intend to vote, but somehow will get waylaid .  But the figure of 99.9 is certainly not a dreamy wish.

Now let us consider the United States of America.  The votes we give are certainly shameful.  Hell, if we show a vote of 90 percent, we'd throw a huge party.  

But what can you do?  Plenty.  Whether you nudge a candidate over the top, or lose by a fraction, you still did your part.  But this ain't no horse race.  This is a grueling triathlon, and you've got to hang in there.  The more people - lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and allies - hang in for the LONG haul, the happier we will be.