11 March 2020

Covid-19 (coronavirus) - Cancel Everything

Yascha Mounk
The Atlantic

Philadelphia, PA

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ezs note:  Some may call Mr. Younk alarmist and rash, but believe me, I checked, and his bona fides are sound.  You can read them at the end of his article.  Don't mean to be dismal, but it's an important read.

China - With 'pink yuan' ads, China wakes up to the world's biggest gay economy

civil rights - Dems ask lawmaker to apologize for comments to transgender official

Tyler Estep
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Doraville, AL

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Virginia - Northam signs bill mandating transgender student policies

lead story - Transgender actress is fundraising for life changing jaw surgery after she admits her jaw is holding her back

Donald Trump - Aboard Air Force One, Trump Was Shaken Into Action on Virus

Justin Sink, Saleha Mohsin, Jennifer Jacobs, Shawn Donnan
Bloomberg News

Air Force One

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