20 March 2014


Leaving a woman for a man... is still the lesbian equivalent of a mortal sin.

     - Jan Clausen

'To Quote A Queer'

Mass. Senate passes updates to anti-bullying law

Transgender mayor auctions off shoes for city


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Casey, Over 175 Members of Congress Call for Executive Order Protecting LGBT Workers


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ezs note:  If your congressperson is one of the 175 who signed this letter, be sure to say "thank you".

Chelsea Manning Seeks Legal Name Change


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Westboro church founder Fred Phelps dies

Daniel Burke

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ezs note:  It's just my opinion, but other than news of his death, Phelps should be UTTERLY forgotten.  He comes as close to a genuine Nazi as Adolf Hitler and his like, and should be treated as such.  (And no, I do NOT use the term lightly.)  If I were his undertaker, I wouldn't even bother with a tiny marker.  So there.