04 January 2019

*** IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!! ***


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Holy moly... seriously, I did not that I would bring this blog this far, over this many years...  yet here I am.  Or, far more appropriately, here we are. Gawd, it sounds so, so trite, yet I am truly humbled by this endeavor. 

I will bring a bit of transgender news each day from the state, country and world.  Please, do your part and give 'em hell. 

Connecticut - Discrimination questions add new depth to Wellbeing Survey

Jake Kara
CT Post

New Haven, CT

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It's coming...

lead story - US court rules in favor of Trump policy on transgender military limits

The Guardian

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It's coming...

VIDEO - Matt Baume - Marriage equality could be coming to Japan

Credit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCW8i_XE0A4