26 August 2021

archive - Alison Laing in Vermont (3) - 1992


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Vermont - Miss Vermont’s Outstanding Teen on mission to end period poverty

Erin Brown


Burlington, VT

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ezs note:  Especially for those transgender men who face an uncomfortable paradox, thank you!


lead story - Transgender man sues Virginia Corrections Department over surgery denial

Jo Yurcaba

NBC News

Troy, VA (aerial)

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Kabul bombing - US troops, Afghans killed in suicide attacks outside Kabul airport

Ivana Kottasová, Barbara Starr, Kylie Atwood, Nick Paton Walsh, Sam Kiley, Zachary Cohen


Kabul airport

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ezs note:  This is an ongoing story which took place less than an hour ago; if the names of US soldiers and Afghan nationals are brought forth, it will be reported.