04 March 2021

archives - Explaining the Strange Mystery of Women becoming Men - October 11 1936

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Montana - New bill would make it harder for transgender Montanans to amend their birth certificates

Mara Silvers

Montana Free Press

Columbia Falls, MT

please press:  montanafreepress.org

ezs note:  Montanans - Please, urge your state Senator and state Representative to vote NO on SB 280.  And if you are from Columbia Falls, turn the dimwitted Sen. Carl Glimm out the next time elections are held.  Thanks.

lead story - Mississippi governor to sign bill banning transgender student-athletes from female sports teams

Meredith Deliso

ABC News

Jackson, MS
Old State Capitol Building

please press:  abcnews.go.com

riots - Feds on high alert Thursday after warnings about potential threats to US Capitol

Geneva Sands, Zachary Cohen


please press:  www.cnn.com