06 October 2018

Donald Trump - 'I feel outraged, exhausted and betrayed': Kavanaugh nomination – the feminist response

Joanna Walters, Erin Durkin
The Guardian

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ezs note:  There's one thing - and only one thing - for you to do.


Election Day is November 6.

Egypt - Egypt's LGBT+ face horrific discrimination in housing, says U.N. rapporteur

Heba Kanso

Giza Necropolis, Egypt

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civil rights - Ensuring Comprehensive Care and Support for Transgender and Gender-Diverse Children and Adolescents

Jason Rafferty
AAP News & Journals

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Florida - Florida sees fifth murder of black transgender woman with killing of Londonn Moore

Monivette Cordeiro
Orlando Weekly

North Port, FL

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ezs note:  As of now, Londonn Moore's murderer has not been caught yet.  If you live in North Port, FL, and you have witnessed anything, please call the police at 941-429-7323.  Thanks. 

lead story - Winchester forum discusses transgender issues, urges ‘yes’ vote on Question 3

Mariya Manzhos
Wicked Local Winchester

Winchester, MA

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ezs note:  Massachusetts residents:  Please, please remember to vote YES on Question 3 on Election Day.  And, by the way, are you registered yet?  If not, do it now!