18 December 2017

New report out on harms of legalizing discrimination in child services

Windy City Times

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ezs note:  Of all the things listed, there are two which are very important.  They are two bills, misleading in character, which you should be against.  They are:

First Amendment Defense Act

Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act

This is doubly important if your Representative is a Republican who is sitting on the fence.  Call - do not e-mail - your Representative today.  If you are uncertain who your Representative is, or would like the phone number, click the address below:

After firestorm, CDC director says terms like “science-based” are not banned

Beth Mole
Ars Technica

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ezs note: Uh-----huh.  "Mischaracterization", you say?  With MOTUS in the Oval Office, you'll forgive me if my heart isn't exactly warmed.

Botswana to recognise a transgender woman’s identity for first time after historic High Court ruling (UK)

Darin Graham

scene in Botswana

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