09 June 2019

Donald Trump - Impeach Trump and don't worry (much) about President Mike Pence. We already have him.

Jason Sattler
USA Today

ezs note:  To sign the petition, go to care2.orgC'mon, it only takes a sec!

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Honduras/US - Transgender Honduran awaits her asylum case in Twin Cities suburbs

Maya Rao

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

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civil rights - Stonewall 50: Don’t Forget the Black & Brown LGBTQ Struggle

Ernest Owens
Daily Beast

New York City, NY
Stonewall Inn (1969)

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ezs note: Of great import is The Combahee River Collective. Although the text is somewhat older, the thought put into the work is just as vital.

Connecticut - Hartford Police Department LGBTQ Liaison Accused of Insensitivity

lead story - The (transgender) kids are all right