14 August 2019

civil rights - Over 132,400 Opposed Trump’s Anti-Trans Health Care Plan

Alaska - Women’s shelter can't be punished for denying access to men who identify as female, court rules

Michael Gryboski
The Christian Post

Anchorage, AK

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ezs note:  Aw, we're just helpin' to promote "Christian" values...

Maybe liberal Christian/liberal Jewish/atheist organizations could come together for the homeless rather than have this shithole do the "work"... 

lead story - This Teenager Is Speaking Out Against President Trump's Proposed Repeal Of Transgender Protections

Dawn Ennis

Hartford, CT
Travelers Tower

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ezs note:  Yay Eva!  Things may be rough from time to time, but please remember that me and 12,398 in Connecticut people support you!