28 August 2010

Rape of transsexual woman stirs legal debate (Thanh Nien News [Vietnam])

The rape of a transgender woman in the north-central province of Quang Binh has sparked a serious debate among legal professionals after judicial authorities declined to prosecute the three perpetrators. (more above)

Openly Gay Actor Jonathan Del Arco on Breaking Stereotypes From 'Glee'... (ET online)

With shows like "Glee," "Modern Family," "True Blood," "United States of Tara" and others, the lives of gay Americas is being represented on TV in a way they have never been shown before. Jonathan Del Arco talks to ET about defying stereotypes. (more above)

Transsexual woman Gwen Araujo murder story (All Voices)

The story of Gwen Araujo, a transgender teenager, who was brutally killed by four men, who tried to check her genitals, will be broadcasted today on the Lifetime Movie Network at 8 pm.

Coolio leaves Ultimate BB (The Sun [UK])

COOLIO was booted out of the Big Brother house this afternoon after transsexual Nadia Almada told Big Brother - "it's me or him". (more above)