30 October 2017

Watchdog urges probe of whether Zinke campaign benefited friend, family

Esther Whieldon

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ezs note:  If you are making plans to visit Cleveland, Ohio on November 6, perhaps you should check things out here.

Philippines - A public health emergency


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Hillary Clinton slams Trump administration's record on LGBT issues

Steven Overly

Hillary Clinton

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Night of the Living Drag Show raises funds for conference, entertains

John Reel
The Daily Nebraskan

University of Nebraska -  Lincoln

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Federal Judge Blocks Trump's Ban On Transgender Service Members

Camila Domonoske

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ezs note:  If you want to read a more detailed Memorandum Opinion of Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, the transcript is about halfway down.  

Indictment - USA v. Manafort and Gates

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