30 June 2019

Donald Trump - Tim Ryan savages Trump on North Korea, Huawei

Vietnam - LGBT rights: Vietnam recognises transgender people, but there's a flaw in the law

Sen Nguyen
South China Morning Post

Hanoi, Vietnam

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civil rights - Debate: Gabbard's LGBTQ Record Criticized, Booker Defends Trans Women

Jacob Ogles
The Advocate

Miami, FL
Adrienne Arsht Center

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New Hampshire - Letter: Cornerstone gets it wrong on transgender bills

Darlene Olivio
Concord Monitor

Concord, NH
(1790 engraving)

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ezs note:  To see the Letter to the Editor written by Shannon McGinley (later responded to by Darlene Olivio)  see here.

lead story - Pakistan's police arrest father for killing transgender son

ABC News

Nowshera, Pakistan

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28 June 2019

Delaware - How Delaware Explains What's Wrong With Joe Biden

Paul Blest

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ezs note:  Um, hate to tell you this, Joe... but it's time for you to go.

lead story - Police investigate 11th murder of a black transgender woman this year

Doha Madani
NBC News

Kansas City, MO

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ezs note:  If you live or work in Kansas City, MO (in particular, the Lykins neighborhood) and you have any information regarding the murder of Brooklyn Lindsey, please call the Kansas City police department at 816-234-5111.  Thanks. 

Night 2 - Democratic presidential debate

27 June 2019

lead story - White Nationalist Threats Against Transgender People Are Escalating

Cassie Miller

please press:  www.splcenter.org

ezs note: Needless to say (I  hope), putting these cretinous vermin either in jail or at least with a stern warning won't hurt my feelings.  At all.  I don't give a crap if they put their butt in the wrong direction.  Please call your local police.

Night 1 - Democratic presidential debate (my choices)

26 June 2019

Donald Trump - What Trump May Be Missing In Those Polls He Calls Fake

Northern Mariana Islands - Guam, CNMI have ‘low’ LGBTQ policy tally

Louella Losinio
PNC News

Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands

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civil rights - LGBT, transgender flags vandalized at Wicker Park church

Tom Negovan

Chicago (Wicker Park), IL

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New Mexico - Transgender group in NM defends work with ICE

Michael K. Lavers
Washington Blade

Milan, NM

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lead story - Philly police unveil updated policy for interacting with transgender, nonbinary people

Chris Palmer
The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia, PA

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23 June 2019

Donald Trump - Why Trump can't fill the gaping holes in his government

Zachary B. Wolf


russian-hole.jpg (640×360)

ezs note:  Aw, just a little stitch, is all...

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Malawi - Changing the lives of transgender people in Malawi


Lilongwe, Malawi

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civil rights - Allies need to focus specifically on transgender issues in wake of violence: Activists

Karma Allen

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Alabama - Alabama mayor defends comments on ‘killing out’ gay and transgender people, ‘baby killers’

Leada Gore

Carbon Hill, AL

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ezs note:  I don't know if you're a resident of Carbon Hill, but if you are, please, FIRE HIS  SORRY ASS. 

lead story - Man arrested in slaying of Dallas transgender woman found in lake

19 June 2019

Donald Trump - What Have Trump’s Rallies Accomplished?

Jonathan Bernstein

The Big Black Hole, or the Trump presidency

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Côte d'Ivoire - Finding jobs for LGBT people across Côte d'Ivoire

Frank Hersey

Boundiali, Côte d'Ivoire

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civil rights - Transgender Rights Get Important Win in Ninth Circuit

Jessica Mason Pielko
Rewire News

San Francisco, CA

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Maine - Maine Voices: LGBTQ people have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go

lead story - 3 Connecticut female athletes file federal discrimination complaint over transgender competition


William R. Cotter Federal Building
Hartford, CT

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11 June 2019

civil rights - Tri-State Alliance asks EVSC to not appeal transgender lawsuit ruling

Segann March
Courier & Press

Evansville, IN

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Kansas - ‘It’s time’: Wichita district policy should protect LGBTQ students

Wichita Eagle Editorial Board
Wichita Eagle

above Wichita, KS

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lead story - Survey finds boost in U.S. support for transgender rights

Ellen Wulfhorst
Thomson Reuters Foundation

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