27 January 2018

Donald Trump - Trump sends letter to African leaders in wake of reportedly comparing nations to a 'dirty toilet'


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Egypt - More Arrests in Egypt’s LGBT Crackdown, but No International Outcry

Neela Ghosal
Human Rights Watch

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Across U.S., LGBTQ Christians try to change hearts and minds from the pews

Julie Compton
NBC News

Biola University

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Oregon - Oregon grants transgender inmate's request to move to women's prison

Noelle Crombie
The Oregonian

Coffee Creek Correctional Institution

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Transgender woman in male prison ‘nightmare’ on hunger strike

Mark Townsend
The Guardian

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Kolno, Poland

Credit:  https://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/kolno/images/kol900c.jpg

estimated transgender population:  62*#

(rounded down)

ezs note:  The places that "Where's George" goes international!  Today, we visit Kolno, Poland.  Sadly, there is a terrible black mark on our little town.  Before World War II, the town was 70% Jewish.  Then the Nazis took over.  By the time they were through, there was only one left.

Not one percent.  

One person.

Our friends in the Jewish community have vowed to never forget.
We mustn't either.

# The estimated transgender population of .0058 of the United States is limited to that country.  Because of the size of that country, it is a good estimate.  However, other countries may vary.