22 October 2012

2012 Angels of Change Runway Show Benefits Transgender Youth - Aaron Drake - http://www.frontiersla.com

African-Americans, Minorities More Likely To Identify As LGBTQ - John Hollis - http://atlantablackstar.com

Why you should vote - even if it's a gimme

Let's say you live in New York or California.  Or on the other side, you live in Texas or Arkansas.  There are other states that will contest this race hotly - but not yours. Why can't I just skip this race, you ask.  The answer is the underticket. They answer your questions and gripes much more personally.  With a bit of effort, you can meet this woman or man face-to-face. Whether you want the candidate or his/her opponent, you have a heck of a better chance winning locally than nationwide.

Guarantees I don't offer.  But a better chance I do offer. And you'll feel  better making a difference.