04 August 2018

Donald Trump - Debate rages over Trump tweets and obstruction

Morgan Chalfant
The Hill

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Dominican Republic - Gay Pride Parade in the Dominican Republic: Shift in the country’s culture?

Joaquin Salazar

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civil rights - Middle school principal wrote transgender women ‘are NOT women.’ He says he regrets it.

Lexi Cortes
Belleville News-Democrat

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ezs note:  If this paragraph were written by a janitor or a substitute teacher,  yeah, maybe I'd give him/her a pass. But a principal???  I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I'd think long and hard if I were offered this position. 

Virginia - Michael Berlucchi, Kathy Hinson and Tracey Swinarsky: Beach coalition to work for equal rights

Michael Berlucchi, Kathy Hinson, Tracey Swinarsky
The Virginian-Pilot

Virginia Beach, VA

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lead story - 'Pose' Renewal Is Proof That Transgender People Can Play Trans Characters and Succeed, Producer Says

Lesley Goldberg
The Hollywood Reporter

Pose (TV show)

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