10 March 2020

Covid-19 (coronavirus) quackery

ezs note:  This is a short piece, but no less important.  Unfortunately, as soon as a virus starts, the quackery starts within seconds,  Fortunately, the good people of AFP (Agence-France Presse)  is letting you know about it here. Once again,  the more people you know about this, the better, so please get the word around.  Another way to get there is as follows:  https://factcheck.afp.com/these-14-claims-covid-19-are-viral-misleading

Nota de EZS: Esta es una pieza corta, pero no menos importante. Desafortunadamente, tan pronto como comienza un virus, la charlatanería comienza en cuestión de segundos. Afortunadamente, la buena gente de AFP (Agence-France Presse) se lo está informando aquí. Una vez más, cuanta más gente conozca sobre esto, mejor, así que por favor corra la voz. Otra forma de llegar es la siguiente: https://factcheck.afp.com/these-14-claims-covid-19-are-viral-misleading

ezs note: Ceci est une pièce courte, mais non moins importante. Malheureusement, dès qu'un virus se déclenche, le charlatanisme démarre en quelques secondes. Heureusement, les braves gens de l'AFP (Agence-France Presse) vous en font part ici. Encore une fois, plus vous en savez sur les gens, mieux c'est, alors faites passer le mot. Une autre façon d'y arriver est la suivante: https://factcheck.afp.com/these-14-claims-covid-19-are-viral-misleading

ezs note:これは短い作品ですが、それほど重要ではありません。残念ながら、ウイルスが開始されるとすぐに、数秒以内に攻撃が開始されます。幸いなことに、AFP(Agence-France Presse)の善良な人々はここであなたにそれを知らせています。繰り返しになりますが、これについて知っている人が多ければ多いほど良いので、周りの人に知らせてください。そこに到達する別の方法は次のとおりです:https://factcheck.afp.com/these-14-claims-covid-19-are-viral-misleading


civil rights - Alabama moves closer to transgender health care ban for minors

Nico Lang
NBC News

Montgomery, AL
Alabama State Capitol

please press:  www.nbcnews.com

ezs note:  Alabamians - okay, it's a hard road, but it's not impossible - if you take action today.  Call your governor today.  Then call your state representative and state senator to ask them to reconsider their previous vote, and make it a NO.  Thanks.  

Maine - Maine considering nonbinary option for birth certificates

Rachel Ohm

Augusta, ME

please press:  www.pressherald.com

lead story - Transgender people, “Come out, come out, wherever you are”

Abigail C. Saguy
LGBTQ Nation

Los Angeles,  CA

please press:  www.lgbtqnation.com

ezs note:  These are some wise words from Dr. Saguy.  If you are in imminent danger, that's one thing,  but if your friends and neighbors simply misunderstand what it is to be transgender, I think you need to understand what bravery is. Those are my two cents, anyway.

Donald Trump - Democrats should get Mueller evidence, judges rule

Josh Gerstein, Kyle Cheney

Robert Mueller III

please press:  www.politico.com